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Where in the NY area can I go to magic school?

KI Magic University


The principles of deception that magicians use are psychological; the methods are manipulative and mechanical. The psychological principles are misdirection, suggestion, imitation, and concealment. The spectators do not see everything that happens, and they believe they see things that do not happen. Such faulty perception leads to false assumptions, fallacious logic, and, in the end, to the conclusion that the performer has achieved an impossible result.

- Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia

- Having problems understanding magic books?
- Are videos less than completely clear?
- Have you noticed that good magicians generally make bad authors?
- Did you ever want to have a bunch of professional magicians at your beck and call to teach you everything you ever wanted the know?

If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding YES! Read on...

KISMET ILLUSIONS is proud to offer, for the second year in a row, a magic workshop. This year's course will 4 (four) consecutive weeks starting May 6, 2000. Each session will be two and half hours each. We will offer a very comprehensive curriculum of magic sleights, maneuvers, showmanship, sleight of hand, manipulation, misdirection and presentation.

We will allow only 12 students in our workshop so as to allow maximum instructor/student interaction.

If you have specific effects/sleights you would like to learn, contact us and we will include them in our curriculum.

The price for this year's workshop is $225.00 for the four (4) week course. Each enrolled student will receive a magic kit (valued at $80.00) which will used in the course.

E-mail, phone or fax us your reservation for this years' Magic Workshop and learn more magic than you ever thought was possible!

Any further questions can be directed to:

KISMET ILLUSIONS, 69-05C 186 Lane, Suite. 2B, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365-4417

TEL: (718) 969-3434
FAX: (413) 473-4310



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