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Las Vegas Magic Shows

No place in the world honors magic quite like Las Vegas. Whether your favorite magic is close-up, laced with humor, big illusions, or extreme effects - someone, somewhere in Vegas performs your favorite style.

David Copperfield makes frequent appearances. Lance Burton performs shows year around, as well as Mac King, Rick Thomas, the Amazing Johnathan, Criss Angel, Penn and Teller, Gerry McCambridge, Dixie Dooley, Nathan Burton and numerous others.

The toughest choice is deciding who to see and when, as you could easily see a different world class magician or mentalist each day of the week for two weeks and still have shows left to see...

The performers do change from time to time. In fact, Lance Burton has performed at the Monte Carlo for thirteen years, (during which time he performed over thirty thousand shows) and he will be performing his last show in September, 2010. Wise tourists check the schedules of their favorite performers to verify whether they will be performing during their Vegas trip, as the top performers do take extended breaks throughout the year.

If you're visiting Las Vegas in the near future, a website like 'Las Vegas Magic Shows' will provide you with links to the performers shows and their show schedules. updates every month to provide the latest info. Also, google 'las vegas magicians' to find additional resources and ticket prices. As many of the top shows sell out early, it's to your advantage to try to purchase tickets before your trip. Enjoy...

What is Escapology?


Escapology - Ropes and chains and trunks! Oh my! Escapologists manage to extricate themselves form unusual and seemingly impossible conditions, including, but not limited to: jail cells, trunks at he bottom of a river and sea monsters (Harry Houdini actually escaped from one after being sown up into the creature`s belly). My personal repertoire includes the "Straightjacket", the "Mailbag Escape" and the "Escape from a Plastic Bag". Some of the most dangerous effects are in the books. Thirteen magicians have died trying to perform the "Bullet-Catching Trick", whereas very few magicians have died performing a "Four-Ace Trick" …unless their audiences got to them first. If you hope to start out in the field of magic, I would suggest that you wait until you' ve developed enough skills in other fields before you tackle Escapology. In many ways, escapes aren't very entertaining. A magician is in cuffs one second and then releases himself. So what? I find all too often that magicians are more impressed with their own escape effects than the audiences. What makes the effect interesting is the seemingly impossible conditions in which an escape is performed. Everyone presumes that the cuffs are tricked in some way or that the magician possesses the key, unless the handcuffs are supplied by a police department, the magician is locked in a seamless glass box or if he is in full view of a large audience. The latter situations add interest. Comedy also goes a long way in vivifying a staid performance. Some excellent escape effects include the "Ten-Ichi Thumb-tie" and the "Thumbcuffs". The instructions of the "Ten-Ichi Thumb-tie" can be found in any good magic book. Information on "Thumbcuffs" can be found at any well-stocked magic store.


Magic Forums and Communities

Should you join a magic forum/community? There are a number of very good communities that allow members to interact and assist one another with their magic. One of the problems magic newbies face is whether or not they will fit in one of these online forums/communities.

To answer the question... yes, join a community today. Most have sections devoted to those members who are new to magic. You can interact with others who are new, as well as ask experienced magicians vital questions. If you let it be known that you are new to the conjuring arts, practically all members will go out of their way to help you. After all, each of them were in the same spot at one time.

One word of advice... don't join a forum or community and begin asking other magicians the secrets behind commercial effects. A reliable forum will not allow members to reveal the secrets by which other magicians make a living. If you really want to know the secret behind the latest, hottest trick... buy it.

You can google 'magic forum' or 'magic community' to discover the web address of a forum that will gladly accept your participation.


Essential Magic Conference

The magic community has just watched the first conference streamed live around the world. Over thirty three of the greatest talents in magic shared their skill with everyone who signed up to be a part of this groundbreaking event.

EMC broadcast live for three days in July. For those who were unable to watch live, all the sessions were archived for viewing up to a year later. Also, a dvd set of the entire conference will be mailed to all signee's.

Is this the wave of the future? Maybe. It was certainly well produced and well planned. I'm sure many of the viewers who watched this years conference will do so again next year. The cost was roughly $75.00 US dollars, and included the dvd set. Although it may be a little early to determine the true effect of this conference, the magic community will watch and wait with anticipation on the next one.

Watch a series of free videos at ..


Illusions and Mind Reading in Magic Tricks - eHow

eHow always features an amazing amount of free magic. This web page features links to various mind reading effects, prediction effects, card magic effects, and calculator effects. There are also links to about 35 different video effects and tutorials on this page as well.

Look for titles that include mind reading videos, coin prediction magic tricks, sugar packet tricks, dice magic tricks, and levitation videos.

This is the perfect site to bookmark and refer back to often. This link is also in the 'Magic Links' section.

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