Harry Houdini's Death

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How did Harry Houdini die?

Harry Houdini's Death

Did you know...

Contrary to popular myth, Harry Houdini did not die in the infamous Chinese Water Torture trick as erroneously portrayed in Tony Curtis' film. Instead he died of diffuse peritonitis (his appendix ruptured) which was a direct result of being playfully punched in the abdomen by a first-year student of McGill University named Whitehead. He died at Grace Hospital on Sunday, October 31 and was buried in the bronze coffin he had planned to use in yet another underwater burial illusion.



11/4/2006 1:59:52 PM
Jennie said:

i thought that he let people punch him in the stomach because it was a trick, and people broke their hans punching it... oh well, fair is fair...

7/24/2011 2:17:17 PM
lily said:

iiiiiiiiiii hate it waaaaaaaaaa


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