Web Resource for Entertainment Professionals

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How do I locate contacts to find good jobs?

Web Resource for Entertainment Professionals

When Cabaret Entertainer Jim Coston began his show business career twenty years ago, he took the advice of a veteran entertainer and started keeping a "little black book" of entertainment industry contacts. Through the years it grew to be thousands of names and addresses, and he routinely gave copies away to his fellow entertainers.

The ESSENTIAL ENTERTAINER'S LINKS WORKSHOP is your one-stop web address for resources for professional musicians, actors, writers, stage techs and comedians and variety acts.

* Over 3500 Entertainment Industry Related Weblinks
* An Industry Database of over 3500 names and addresses
* Current entertainment industry news
* Casting Calls & Music Gig Listings from around the world
* Message Board, Interactive Polls, Live Chat Room
* Informative articles written by Entertainment Pros
* An online store featuring theatre, film & music books, software, etc.
* A Game Room that allows users to relax, have fun and win cash & prizes
* Find what you need FAST!! Our site is fully indexed for easy keyword searches!!

The Essential Entertainer's Links Workshop is a FREE clearinghouse of informative articles, weblinks & resources for the working and aspiring entertainment professional.

Visit them at: Essential Entertainer's Links



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