Platform, Parlor or Cabaret Magic - a definition

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What are Platform, Parlor and Cabaret Magic?

Platform, Parlor or Cabaret Magic - a definition

Platform/Parlor/Cabaret magic goes by many names, but basically it's magic that falls neatly between large-scale magic illusions and close-up effects. As few of us are going to be hired to do large-scale shows, most of our bread-and-butter will come from cabaret-style performances. Tricks included in this category include the Square Circle, Portable Sawing-in-Half, the Zombie and Rising Card from the Pad.

Generally any trick can be performed except tricks that require an audience to be physically very close, such as card and coin effects. An exception for this can be made by magicians either appearing on television or at least using a camera to project to a large-screen TV.

This is the kind of magic that most people associate with professional magicians. It has to be magic that can be physically seen by the audience and you need to be able to rouse the interest of a largish crowd. It is an easy transition for beginning magicians who wish the break out of the "card-and-coin trick" mode in which many beginners find themselves.



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