Don't Let Your Strength Become Your Weakness

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Don't Let Your Strength Become Your Weakness

My friend, John Kinde of Humor Power Tips (, recently wrote an interesting article to his readers, detailing how we let our strengths become our weaknesses. He was specifically speaking of public speakers, his specialty. But, after reading the article, I realized that this mode of thinking applies to magicians equally as well.

Sometimes we let what we interpret as our strength hold us back. We rely on our strength to the point where we fail to develop our weaker points. It's possible that we may find what we think are our weakest points are potentially our real ice breakers.

If, for example, you feel that your ability to make your audience laugh is your strong suit, you may be ignoring your skills as a manipulator. Strong magic, done slowly and in-your-face, needs no laughs. Let the magic speak for itself. This is simply an example, but maybe it will serve as food for thought.



11/7/2011 7:10:52 AM
M.A BAYES said:

Development of weaker side helps to make the strong side work properly.

11/7/2011 11:55:58 PM
gsdfhg said:


12/30/2011 5:13:55 PM
jama said:



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