Failure.. And What To Do About It..

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Failure.. And What To Do About It..

Be prepared for a trick to fail. It happens to everyone who performs magic. What can you do about it.. not much. But you CAN be prepared for failure.

Is it possible for your effect to have an alternative ending? If not, is it possible for you to have a really funny one-liner for that moment?

The audience sometimes wants to laugh when you blow it, but they don't... But, if you have the ability to make light of your failure and crack a joke, it allows them to laugh. Everyone feels so much better !

You can turn a bad moment into a funny one if you're prepared. You may actually look forward to the moment to see just how well your preparation works. Simply knowing you're prepared takes the fear from failure... OK, maybe not ALL the fear, but it certainly helps keep a smile on everyone's face.

Think about it...



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