The Si Stebbens Stack

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The Si Stebbens Stack

The Si Stebbens Stack is a wonderful method of stacking a deck based on a mathematical arrangement. Other popular methods include what is referred to as a "rosary stack", where the cards are arranged based on a memorize formula, or a true memorized stack where the performer memorizes a totally random sequence of cards.

Originally published in the United States around the turn of the century by William Coffrin, better known as Si Stebbins, this method places each card three values higher from the previous card.

The suits follow the standard 'CHaSeD' order... Clubs, Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds.

Setting up the deck is fairly easy. Memorizing the order of the cards is just as easy. Any card either above or below the selected card will tell you the value and suit of the selected card. Assuming the selected card is a (face down) Five of Spades, the face down card above it is three less, or a Two of Hearts. The card beneath the selected card is a Eight of Diamonds.

How easy is that?

There are other methods you can employ to actually determine any card at any number simply by knowing the top or bottom card. I encourage you to google 'Si Stebbins' and discover many other great effects you can perform with this stack.



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