Memorized Deck

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Memorized Deck

There are a number of ways to memorize a deck. A couple of methods are considerably more popular than others. This is one of the two most popular...

" 8 Kings Threatened to Save 95 Queens for One Sick Knave ". This is a 'key phrase' you'll use to remember the order of the deck. How does this translate? 8, K, 3, 10, 2, 7, 9, 5, Q, 4, A, 6, J.

If you verbalize the order of the deck you'll see how it easily associates with the key phrase.

Now, simply remember the standard method of remembering the suits... " CHaSeD " (chased).

This translates to Clubs, Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds.

If you riffle shuffle a deck of cards and ask your spectator to stop you at any point, you can separate the deck, offer the lower half to the spectator so they can remove the top card, and you can glimpse the bottom card of the upper half. Spotting this card will tell you the suit and number of the card selected by the spectator. If the card you spotted was a Six of Hearts, you'll instantly know that the spectators card is the Jack (knave) of Spades. (Knave is an old word of Knight).

This method will serve you well if you take the time to commit it to memory.



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