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Some magic techniques are so direct you would be surprised to discover their simplicity. One of these is the art of 'Lapping'. Lapping is exactly what it sounds like... secretly putting an object into your lap.

Magicians perform lapping from a seated position, with a table to their forefront. They manipulate items on a table, cards or coins generally, to the edge of the table nearest their lap, and during a moment of misdirection, they politely pull the item off the table and allow it to fall into their lap. It's as simple as that...

OK, maybe it's not quite so simple, but several well known magicians, past and present, are known for their ability to 'lap' an item, and they have created entire routines around this art. I encourage you to explore this technique. Although you can only perform lapping while seated at a table, you will look for opportunities to lap objects once you discover just how powerful this technique can be...



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