Revealing Magic Secrets

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Revealing Magic Secrets

All magicians want to know the secrets behind the latest magic effects. Some will buy it and keep it secret. Others will buy it and share the secret with others. And a small group of magicians will learn the secret and post themselves performing and revealing the secret on video sharing sites like YouTube. To YouTube's credit, if a magician discovers his commercial effect on YouTube and files a complaint, YouTube will take the video down. Unfortunately, they cannot monitor every single magic video uploaded to their site, as they are uploaded at a rate of dozens and dozens per day.

As magicians, young and old, we have an obligation to protect our secrets, not only from the general public, but from one another as well. Magicians make a living selling effects that they have developed through sweat and blood. Getting an effect manufactured, packaged, promoted, and out to market is quite a task, and nothing that the rest of us should take advantage of...

You might be surprised to know that a large percentage of 'new' magic effects are nothing more than old effects re-done. Magicians take old secrets and techniques and find a modern handling, then release the effect under a new name. If the change and handling are sufficiently removed from the original, then all is well in magicland and a new group of magicians rush out to buy an effect they could have learned through magic books published many years ago.



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