Clairvoyance Anyone?

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Clairvoyance Anyone?

This effect employs a mathematical principal to achieve a mental magic result. In this effect we will use a phone book to bring everything together, although this is one of those principles that can be used creatively in a number of different ways.

Before begining this effect, hand an audience member an envelope to hold. Tell them that it contains a prediction and should not be opened before the end of the effect.

Hand a note pad to an audience member and ask them to write down a three digit number with three different digits. Ask a second audience member to turn this number around and subtract the smaller number from the larger.

Now, ask a third audience member to turn the answer around and add the two numbers together.

Example: 1st number - 371. Turn it around - 173. Subtract 173 from 371 = 198. Turn 198 around and add 198 and 891 = 1089.

Give a fourth member of the audience a phone book and ask them to go to the page represented by the first three numbers of your total of 1089. In our example... 108. Ask them to count down to the telephone number represented by the last number in our total of 1089. In our example, the number 9.

Ask them to write this name and telephone number down on the pad.

After due patter, ask the audience member holding your prediction envelop to open it and read it aloud. It will match the number on the board and everyone will be thoroughly impressed by your mental powers.

Secret? If you follow the example above, the total, the four digit number, will ALWAYS be 1089. It's just a mathematical principle. Knowing this, you can easily go to page 108 of the phone book and write down the ninth name and number. You can use any phone book from any city, as long as it contains at least 108 pages.



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