Drinking Straw Magic

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Drinking Straw Magic

Here is a simple prop you can create with a common drinking straw. Take a straw and a knife or razor blade and -carefully- cut a straw in a straight line along it's entire length. (If you are a minor, always get an adult to supervise or perform this task for you.)

Once done, open one end of the straw and carefully 'roll' the straw up into a small bundle that can easily be concealed between your thumb and forefinger. As long as you pinch the straw, it will remain closed. But once you let go of the straw it immediately pops back into it's long shape.

You can take the straw, rolled up, between these two fingers and hold it up to your nose. Use your other hand to assist. Let the free hand hold the end of the straw near the nostril as the other hand unfurls the length of the straw, making it appear as if it's coming from your nose!

Rolling the straw up will not be totally easy the first few times, but once it's been rolled and unrolled a few times it will become progressively easier to handle. Also, the movement necessary to make it appear to be coming from the nose will become more convincing with a little practice.

You can also use this same technique to make it appear to come out of any small object, like a change purse or a match box. Of course, the straw is not examinable... but it gets a good laugh regardless.



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