The Card Behind the Back

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The Card Behind the Back

Fan a deck of cards and ask the spectator to select any card. Ask them to memorize the card. You now need to let the spectator put the card back into or on top of the deck. You will need to control the card back to the top of the deck, so use whatever method suits you best. One simple way is to let the spectator put the card on top of the deck, perform a hindu shuffle to take it to the bottom of the deck and then a second hundu shuffle to bring it back to the top. This will make the selected card appear to be lost in the deck.

Tell the spectator that you will not only find their card, but you will announce the value and suit without looking at a single card.

Put the deck behind your back to assure the spectator that you cannot see any cards. As you appear to be concentrating on the card, bring one of your hands to your forehead, leaving the deck in the other hand. After dilligent thought, announce the selected card.

The secret? With the deck behind your back, take the top card, the selected card, and put it partially up your shirt or jacket sleeve just before bringing your free hand to your forehead. Glimpse the card, then return it to the top of the deck when you're ready to announce your prediction. If you don't have sleeves, you can risk putting it under your watch band. You will have to be careful of the angles.



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