Are You a Real Character?

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Are You a Real Character?

Some magicians are quite comfortable performing as a 'character'. A friend of mine performs in the style of Charlie Chaplin. Another performs as a slightly addled gentleman who dislikes children, although he performs for children and gets laughs from children and adults alike.

Performing as a character requires more than simply dressing funny and trying to get a laugh. A character needs a personality. If you want to be a character, how is your character going to act onstage and how is he/she going to interact with the audience?

Think about this deeply before forming a character. If your character is going to act like yourself, then what is the purpose of forming a character in the first place? Why not simply be who you are and let your personality impress the audience.

If you still want to characterize yourself, then remember that you need to develop fully the storyline and history of your character. You will probably be asked many times to explain why you use the character you use and how you came up with the character and what the character represents. Develop an interesting history to go along with your character, one that helps the audience understand why you are choosing this particular character. And lastly, again, fully develop the character's persona.



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