Restaurant Magicians - Tips or Salaries ??

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Restaurant Magicians - Tips or Salaries ??

There is an ongoing debate as to whether a restaurant magician should work for tips or for a salary. Working for a salary is great, -if- you can get it. Restaurants are less apt to pay a salary, but if you're good enough they'll see your value. Getting a salary definitely talkes some of the stress off performing and lets you be yourself.

Gigs that allow you to work for tips are more frequent. Some magicians are so personable that they can make more money working for tips, but they are in the minority. If you fit in this category, you are blessed with a special talent and you need to take advantage of it.

Remember, when you take tips you are competing with the wait staff for money. This can cause resentment. Make friends with the wait staff and try your best to work WITH them, even sharing in tips if they can get 'special requests' for you to work a table out of your normal rounds.

Don't be afraid to give working for tips a try. You will discover whether or not this is for you.



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