Gaffed Card Box

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Gaffed Card Box

Some magicians prefer not to use gaffs in their magic. The editor at is not one of them. I love a good gaff, and I hope you do too. Here's a simple one that you can get tons of satisfaction from, and impress your audience as well.

First, place a card face up against the face of the card box that the 'flap' is attached to... Look at where the bottom right number and suit symbols are in relation to the corner of the box. Now, take a razor blade knife and cut a small square out of the bottom right corner of the box that will allow you to discern the identity of the card when the card is inside the box. This is your gaff, and a good one indeed.

There are many reveals you can accomplish with this gaff, one of which is...

Let your spectator thoroughly shuffle the deck. Ask them to look at the bottom card, remember it, and not let you see it. Hold the card box up with the opening facing your spectator and the cut out on the bottom side . Ask them to put the cards in the deck, face down. You can keep your right middle finger over the cut-out and hold the flap open with your left hand. This will appear quite natural and your spectator will not see the cut out. As soon as the cards are in the pack, lift and turn the pack so the cut out faces you.

Put the flap in the pack, glance at the value and denomination of your spectators card through the cut out, and you're set to reveal their selected card any way that suits your style.



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