The Coin Prediction Trick

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The Coin Prediction Trick

Here's an easy tip to make you look like a real mindreader. All you need to perform this little bit of mental magic are five different coins and a magic marker. Take the marker and put an 'X' on the back of one of the coins. Put the coins in your pocket until you're ready to perform.

Tell your spectator that you're going to make a prediction about a future event. Take a small piece of paper and write down the denomination of the coin on which you put the 'X'... Fold it up and place it out of your reach and tell the spectator that this is your prediction. Remove the five coins from your pocket. Lets assume you're using a penny, a nickle, a dime, a quarter, and a fifty cent piece. Lets also assume that you put the 'X' on the quarter.

As you take the coins from your pocket, look at them privately for a moment and make sure that the 'X' is not visible on the quarter. If it is.. then simply jingle the coins about as you flip the quarter over. Lay all the coins on the table and tell the spectator that you are going to put an 'X' on each coin. Make sure some of the coins are heads up and some heads down.

The quarter is now the only coin with an 'X' on both sides, unbeknownst to anyone but you...

Take the marker and put an 'X' on each coin. Now, pick up all the coins, jingle them about, and hand them to the spectator with instructions to hold them tightly in their hand. Have them toss the coins onto the table. Tell them that you are going to eliminate all the coins that do not have an 'X' showing. Move the coins with no 'X' showing to one side as you also pick up the coins with an 'X' showing and hand them back to the spectator. Have them repeat the tossing of the coins until there is only one coin left. Now, you can show them that the prediction you made beforehand matches the only coin left on the table. Of course, you can't let them see the 'other' side of the coin, or they'll realize that the quarter, with an 'X' on both sides, had to the the last coin left... Works every time!



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