Google Magic Illusion Trick

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Google Magic Illusion Trick

Here's a great way to perform a trick with your computer. It's called the Google Magic Trick, and it works like this:

Sit down at the computer with a friend and tell them that you've discovered something quite odd about the Google search engine. Go to the Google search page and ask your friend to gently rub their finger on the two O's in the Google name. As they are rubbing the O's, something strange happens... they disappear.

Whenever you and your friend are ready, you can ask them to rub the blank area again and the two O's will reappear in their original place.

How is this possible? The link I'm going to provide you with actually takes you to a fake Google web page. If you quietly mouse click anywhere on the page the O's will fade to nothing in five seconds... just long enough for you to ask your friend to rub the O's before they vanish. Mouse clicking the page a second time will cause the O's to reappear in five seconds. If you click on the webpage a third time, you will be quietly redirected to a real Google search page. Although this link is not clickable, you can copy and paste it into your browser -or- locate a clickable link in the 'Magic Tips' block on the Magic.LifeTips homepage. You will find additional instructions and the actual fake link.



7/5/2010 8:14:58 PM
Sal said:

I like it!
Just rub it! HAA


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