One More Great Spelling Trick

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One More Great Spelling Trick

Did you read the 'Great Card Spelling Trick' ?... If so, here is yet another great lineup to stump your audience. Instead of stacking 10 cards, from ace to 10, on top of the deck and spelling each card, line up thirteen cards as follows: 3-8-7-A-Q-6-4-2-J-K-10-9-5.

The method of counting is slightly different, but the end result is the same. Using this stack, announce that you are going to count the cards to spell all the values of a deck, starting with the Ace. Now, take the top card and put it on the bottom, spelling 'A'. Take the next card and put it on the bottom, spelling 'C', and the third card and put it on the bottom as well, spelling 'E'. Flip the next card face up... and it will be the Ace. Repeat this method eleven more times and you'll be left holding one last card - the King.



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