Dice Prediction

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Dice Prediction

Here is a nice prediction effect, using a die. The magician asks the spectator to roll a die (one dice), perform a couple of quick mental additions, roll the die again, perform another quick addition, and then announce his total... The magician, from this information alone, is able to tell the spectator both the first and second number he rolled, without having seen any of the steps performed.

The prediction works as follows:

Have the spectator roll a die. Ask him/her to double the number and then add five to it. Now, ask them to multiply the total by five. Ask them to roll the die again and add this number to his total. For example - he rolls a FIVE, doubles it to TEN, adds five and the new total is FIFTEEN. He now multiplies it by five, so the total is now SEVENTY FIVE. He then rolls the second die and rolls a THREE, for example. So, he adds THREE to his SEVENTY FIVE and gets a new total of SEVENTY EIGHT. This is the total he tells to you.

All you need to do is subtract 25 from whatever number he/she tells you is their total. If you subtract 25 from the number above (78), you get FIFTY THREE. You will now know that the spectator rolled a FIVE and a THREE - in that order. Works every time !



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