The Great Spelling Trick

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The Great Spelling Trick

Here is a technique that has been around for years, but it's not as well known or commonly used as in years past. Now might be the ideal time to put this effect to work for you...

The effect works like this...

The magician takes a deck of playing cards and casually shuffles them from hand to hand. After some small talk, he deals ten cards, face down, onto a table. He picks up the cards and asks the spectator to name the first numerical card in the deck. If the spectator says ' the two', remind them that the ace is actually the first card. If the spectator names the ace proceed as follows...

Take the top card and move it to the bottom of the deck, spelling 'A'.. then the second card to the bottom and spell 'C'. Lastly, take the third card off the top and drop it face up on the table, spelling 'E'. The spectator will be surprised to see that it IS the Ace. Repeat the same moves as you spell T-W-O and drop the third card face up on the table. Everyone will be surprised to see that this IS the Two. Repeat the same for each number - three through nine - and the last letter of each number will be the card spelled. You will be left holding one last card, and it, of course, will be the Ten..

Begin with the cards in this order on top of the deck: 9-7-6-4-2-10-8-A-5-3

As you pass cards from hand to hand, as in a hundu shuffle, be sure NOT to disturb the order of the top ten cards. When you're ready to begin the effect, state that you need ten cards and count the top ten cards, face down, onto the table. The cards will now be in the proper order to successfully perform this little surprise. (3-5-A-8-10-2-4-6-7-9).



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