How to Use a Swami Gimmick

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How to Use a Swami Gimmick

A swami gimmick is a magicians prop used primarily in mentalism effects to create an illusion of knowing a prediction in advanced. Generally, a swami gimmick is a small holder of a piece of pencil lead that discreetly fits on your thumb. The Mentalist can use this lead to write on a small tablet after the prediction has 'supposedly' been recorded and the spectator has revealed his answer.

A performance would appear as so: The mentalist asks the spectator to look at his credit card and memorize the last four digits. The mentalist then asks the spectator to think hard of the four digits as the mentalist picks up a small pad of paper and 'apparently' writes a number on the pad. Actually, the mentalist only pretends to write a number on the pad before then laying it face down on the table.

After some affirming patter, the mentalist picks up the pad, holds it with the side supposedly containing the prediction facing him, and asks the spectator to tell everyone the last four digits. As the spectator calls out the four digits, the mentalist uses the small pencil lead attached to the end of his thumb, under cover of the pad itself, and stealthily writes the four numbers on the pad. As everything occurs behind the pad, facing the mentalist, no one knows the performer is adding the digits after the fact.

Now, all that remains is for the mentalist to take the pad with his other hand, turn it to reveal the correct prediction, and ditch the swami gimmick, if he feels a need to do so.

This is one of many effects that can be performed with a swami gimmick, a very versatile, but simple, prop that can astound your audience. Available at most good magic shops and at the larger online shops.



1/24/2011 5:43:11 AM
Richard Ashburner said:

There is a difference between a "tip" and "exposing secrets." If you just wanted to give performance tips (for people who already have one) Then why describe what the gimmick is?

7/25/2011 3:25:54 PM
Rick said:

You'll have to ask the former editor. It was posted before my time. Rick C.


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