Close-Up Magic and Business Cards

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Close-Up Magic and Business Cards

We all strive, and struggle, to get gigs. Anything to give us a little advantage can be a big help. Use the following tip to get your business card 'out there'.

When you have your cards printed, add something that can be used in an effect. You can have the value and suit of a card printed on the bottom of a card, for example, force the card, and use the business card for the reveal. When the effect is over, leave the spectator with the card.

Another good idea is to prominently display your website on your card, and when a table ask..." How did you do that?", give out your cards and tell them that you disclose a trick or two on your website. The tricks don't have to be sophisticated... just a little something to get them to your site and make them smile.

Give out those cards !



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