Why 'Play Big, Pack Small'... A Useful Tip

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Why 'Play Big, Pack Small'... A Useful Tip

"Play big, pack small" is more than just a saying.. It's a tip that many professional magicians' have learned the hard way.

There's nothing quite like your baggage being lost by the airline. Or, realizing that the 'stage' you must perform on is about the size of a postage stamp. Every magician has horror stories...

They all learned that there are tricks that appear much bigger than they actually are, and that they can be packed in a much smaller space than the bigger, clunkier apparatus they previously carried from place to place. Imagine you carry a wooden vanishing cabinet six feet tall to each performance. What if you could achieve a similar vanish with a pop-up tent? How much room and weight, not to mention trouble, do you save?

Can you think of ways to reduce YOUR load and streamline you act. The day will come when you will see the need, so go ahead and get a head start...



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