How to Get Your Magic Website Seen by Real Customers

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How to Get Your Magic Website Seen by Real Customers

Many magicians can't wait to get their first web site on the internet . They strive to get everything 'just right', and have high hopes that their bookings will jump overnight. Not so.

Getting a web site indexed in Google, for instance, can take months. Until then, potential clients will not find your site. Without getting into a treatise on internet marketing, here are a few good tips to help you get your magic web site indexed...

- Make sure your site utilizes 'meta tags'. If you aren't sure what this is, google it. Be sure you include a number of key words like 'South Carolina magician', ' Spartanburg magician', 'magician for hire in south carolina ', and other appropriate key words in your meta tags that clients would use to find a magician in your area. Aside from including these key words in your meta tags, you need to discreetly include them in your web site text as well.

- Write to other web site owners and exchange links with them and their sites. This is one of the determining factors Google uses to properly place you in their search engine. The more sites that link to you, the more important your site appears to Google. Be sure to link to sites that have magic or magic related content. Simply linking to any site, and vice versa , will hurt more that it will help your ranking. Avoid any site that sells links.

- Avoid sites that submit your url to 'hundreds' of search engines. The only sites that matter are Google, Yahoo, and Ask. You can submit your url to these sites yourself, in five minutes, and it's free. Ninety Five percent of all web traffic will come from one of these three search engines. In fact, many of the other search engines get their results from these three.

If possible, adding Google Adsense Ads to your site will get it indexed very quickly by Google, as they have to send their 'bots to your site to determine if the ads are placed per their standard. This usually happens within the first 48 hours. It does not assure you of a high ranking, but if someone searches for your url , they'll find it...

Good luck.



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