The Wizard Telephone Trick

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The Wizard Telephone Trick

This classic of card magic is simple to perform and remains one of the all-time stunners in magic. Present a spectator with a deck of cards and ask them to look through it and select the card of their choice. Once selected, you can look at it, and tell the spectator that it's not quite fair for you to be the star of every effect. After all, your mentor, the Wizard, should get a little credit from time to time.

Lay the card face up on the table...

Tell the spectator that you are going to make a phone call and see if your mentor can help you determine their card through sheer wizardry. Call the Wizard, who just happens to be a friend of yours, hand the spectator your phone, and let him shock them by correctly revealing the card they selected.

The method is so simple. Arrange ahead of time for a friend of yours to be the 'Wizard'. (You can serve as his Wizard too.). As soon as they answer the phone you should say " Hi, can I speak to the Wizard ". This is their clue that you are in the middle of performing the 'Wizard effect'. They should immediately begin slowly naming each number in the deck. " Two, three, four, five, six, seven.." If the chosen card was the Seven of Hearts for example, as soon as the Wizard says "Seven", you say "Hi Wizard". That's his clue that the number of the selection is Seven.

Now, the Wizard names the four suits... Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. But, as soon as he names the correct suit, you say " I would like for you to tell Deb what card she selected. " He will know that the suit at what you interrupted him is the spectators suit. So, you interrupt him when he says "Hearts", and he now knows that the correct card is the Seven of Hearts. You can hand Deb the phone and the Wizard can successfully discern her card.. a card that he cannot possibly see or know.

All the spectator will know is that she heard you say.. "Hi, can I speak to the Wizard", then "Hi Wizard", and lastly, "Can you tell Deb what card she selected?"

Simple, simple, simple... and amazing.



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