Create a Disappearing Device

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Create a Disappearing Device

Devices designed to disappear an item up your sleeve can be expensive. With less than ten cents worth of material you can build your own.

All you need is a rubber band of the proper length and two safety pins. Open the pens and loop the rubber band through both. You now have a rubber band with two safety pins attached.

Attach the rubber band inside a shirt or jacket sleeve, about elbow height, with one of the pens. Once the rubber band is in place you can reach up the sleeve and grasp the second pin, pulling it down to be held in the palm of the hand.

Pick up a pin with your empty hand, falsely transfer it to the other hand with the pin on the rubber band, show it at your fingertips while keeping the rubber band concealed in your palm. You can now make the pin vanish from your fingertips simply by releasing it and allowing it to 'shoot' up your sleeve.

You can also attach other small objects to the pin, such as a coin with a small hole drilled in it, and vanish them as well.

Don't think lightly of this simple device. It has fooled many people for many years.



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