How much is too much?

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How much is too much?

The great Harry Houdini, assumed to be one of, if not the greatest, magician of all time, was asked how many card tricks he knew. The asker assumed Houdini knew hundreds of card tricks. But to his surprise, Houdini said " Oh, maybe eleven or twelve.."

Houdini did not spend his life trying to master every trick and every move. Instead, he chose to master a dozen card tricks - and that became not just the basis of, but his entire repertoire of tricks.

Learn from Houdini. Select a dozen strong effects and then strive to master them instead of trying to master every card trick known. You will become a very secure and confident magician.



5/4/2010 10:45:33 PM
Sal said:

very good advice!!!!Kinda like the old saying " "Jack of all trades but Master of NONE!!"
Master a few and your on your way!


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