The Shell Game

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How does the shell game work?

The Shell Game

Preparation: You will need three identical shells: store-bought shells, bottle caps, walnut shells, or some such, and two identical coins. Glue a dark hair with a dab of clear glue onto one coin.

Make sure to perform this trick on a dark surface. Place the prepped coin under one of the shells. Turn your back to the audience and ask a spectator to mix up the shells. The hair should protrude, revealing which cap the coin is under. (The hair should be difficult to see.)

After showing where the coin was hiding, drop it into your pocket, with the other plain coin, leaving the shells on the table. If they ask to see the coin, show them the plain one. If they ask you to perform the trick again...refuse. A performer never shows the same trick to an audience more than once.



10/8/2008 7:32:34 PM
paulotaku said:

not to show a trick once, one of the ten commandments,, haha.. ^_^ this is a great tip!,

IF THEY beg, (and is a cute girl), you can do it again, BUT not really 100% same trick, do a variation that'll still blow their heads off, or do another trick.. if you do that, they'll expect this and that and eventually figure out your trick, and it's over.


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