What are some non-English words for "magician?"

Magicians Around the World

Did you ever want to know how to say "Magician" in a dozen languages while you were traveling? Well...this is the most number of ways I could find to translate the word.

NB: In some languages the closest word I could find was "sorcerer." I listed them here because they actually do call stage magicians like David Copperfield "sorcerers."

1. Afrikaans - Kulkunstenaar
2. Albanian - Magjistar
3. Arabic - Saher
4. Armenian - Gakhart or gaqart
5. Basque - Aztia
6. Batok - Manicot
7. Bengali - Jadukar
9. Bulgarian - Fokusnik or Bókychnk
10. Burmese - Milleseya
11. Bylorussian - Charadzey
12. Catalan - Mag
13. Croatian - MadjioniCar
14. Czech - Kouzelník
15. Danish - Tryllekunstner
16. Djula - Jinamory
17. Dutch - Goochelaar
18. English - Magician
19. Esperanto - Iluziisto
20. Estonian - Võlur
21. Farsi - Jadoogar
22. Finnish - Taikurin
23. Flemish - Tovenaar
24. French - Magicien
25. Gaelic - Draoi
26. Gallego - Bruxo
27. German - Zauberer
28. Greek - Magos
29. Gujarati - Jadoogar
30. Hawaiian - Ho'okalakupua
31. Hebrew - Kosem
32. Hindi - Jadoogar
33. Hungarian - Büvesz
34. Ibo - Onye Amuma Ogwu
35. Icelandic - Sjonhverfingamadur
36. Igala - Ache Ogwu
37. Italian - Mago
38. Japanese - Tejinashi
39. Kanada - Jadoogar
40. Kashmiri - Bazighar
41. Korean - Masulsa
42. Kurdish - Cedû
43. Lappish - Calmmegeaidi
44. Latin - Magus
45. Latvian - Buruju mäkslinieus
46. Lithuanian - Burtininkas
47. Loa - Nark man ya konh
48. Macedonian - Volshebnik
49. Malay - Pensilap
50. Malayalam - Manthrikan
51. Maltese - IlluZjonista
52. Mandarin - Moshusi
53. Nepali - Chataki
54. Norwegian - Tryllekunstner
55. Pashtu - Jadoogar
56. Persian - Magii
57. Polish - Magik
58. Pohnpei - Akmanaman
59. Portuguese - Mágico or Illusionista
60. Punjabi - Jadoogar
61. Romanian - Vrâjitor
62. Russian - Bókychnk or Coldun
63. Sardo - Magu
64. Senefu - Katchin-win
65. Serbian - MadjioniCar
66. Singalese - Vijja Karaya
67. Slovene - Carovnik
68. Spanish - Mago
69. Swahili - Mchawi
70. Swedish - Trollkarl
71. Tagalog - Salamangkero
72. Tamil - Mayakkaran
73. Thai - Nuc ma ya kol
74. Tibetan - Migturl or Guma Khen
75. Turkish - Sihirbas
76. Turkmen - Gozbagdjy
77. Ukrainian - Mag
78. Urdu - Jadoogar
79. Uzbeki - Sihrgar or Qizikchi
80. Vietnamese - Thày phù thûy
81. Walloon - Magicien
82. Welsh - Dewin
83. Yiddish - Kishef
84. Yoruba - Babalewu
85. Zulu - Usaragor

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