Elements ~ Practice

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How much should I practice?

Elements ~ Practice

PRACTICE is also extremely important, as whatever you practice at home will shine through when you're performing. Practice as though you're on stage performing. "Repetition beats your competition," means that if you're better at your magic techniques than your competition, you will execute them more skillfully, which means a better and more polished performance.

You don't have to practice too long, to get better. In fact, practicing a few times a day is better than "slugging" it out for 5-6 hours at one time. When you've got your act "down pat" you should
try and get as much stage practice as possible in front of a live audience. This way when you've got a really important show coming up, you won't feel as
nervous or as you would without any live practice.

Consider doing free shows for schools, hospitals, care homes, shelters ... anyplace where a bit of entertainment would be welcome, but can't always be afforded. Generally they will be very glad to have you, and in return you'll get experience working with a live audience.

Considering your MOVEMENTS and CHOREOGRAPHY is important to give your act a "smooth flow" and make it easier for your audience to watch. It also makes
it easier for you as well, as you'll know exactly what to do at each moment, thus cutting down on the "error factor." Use only movements that complement your act, whether a dancing magic routine or a silent top hat and tails routine. But whatever you do make it fit together. If you watch your favorite magician you will see that he/she follows their theme closely. This
is important in creating a POWERFUL ACT.

FEELINGS/EMOTIONS is tied closely with MOVEMENTS AND CHOREOGRAPHY. ONE'S movements create and project mental feelings/emotions, whether it be inspiring, spooky or exciting. So you can see that having the right mix of choreographed movements is important in tying everything into your theme, and projecting the impact that you want and to make your act POWERFUL.



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