The No-Card, Card Trick

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The No-Card, Card Trick

Ask a spectator to chose a card, including the suit. They can choose a card from a deck or simply make up one at random.

Once done, have them assign a numerical value to this card.. ( Ace=1, Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13 ).

You may want to give them a sheet of paper or a calculator for the following:

- Have them double the value of the card.

- Have them add three to the total.

- Have them multiply their total by five.

Now.. for the suit. using the standard 'CHaSeD' suit memory method..

- If the card is a Club, ask them to add one.

- If the card is a Heart, ask them to add two.

- If the card is a Spade, ask them to add three.

- If the card is a Diamond, ask them to add four.

They then tell you their total, and from this total you'll know the chosen card. Really...

All you need to do is subtract 15 from their total. The total can be either two or three digits.

The last figure will give you the suit (Club 1, Hearts 2, Spades 3, Diamonds 4.) and the first figure will give you the value. For example, a Jack of Spades would reveal itself as follows:

- A Jack is 11.

- 11 doubled is 22.

- 22 + 3 = 25

- 25 x 5 = 125

- Add 3 for Spades = 128 (You will be told this number)

- Mentally subtract 15 = 113.

You know 3 represents Spades and 11 represents Jacks. The Jack of Spades !



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