Blood is Thicker than Water

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Blood is Thicker than Water

Here is another Ace assembly that can be accomplished quickly and effectively, and with the right panache, will totally fool your spectator.

All that necessary is a slight bit of deception. Tell your spectator that you need to find the four Aces. Flip through the deck and casually take out the Aces, and two odd cards as well. Hold the Aces and the odd cards in such a way as to be able to fan the cards, showing the four Aces to the spectator, and keeping the two odd cards behind the Aces.

Close up the fan and put the packet face down on top of the deck. The two odd cards, having been behind the Aces, should now be on top of the deck.

You can patter something like this...

"Four brother began a journey from New York. One traveled to Washington DC, where he met a crooked politician who promised him great wealth".

Take the top card (an odd card the spectator assumes is an Ace) and stick it in the deck about a third of the way down.

"One traveled to Las Vegas, where he met a show girl who promised him great affection ".

Take the second odd card, assumed to be an Ace, and stick it in the deck about two thirds of the way down.

"..And the last brother went all the way to La La Land, Los Angeles, where he met an agent who promised to make him a Star."

Take the top card, an Ace, and put it on the bottom of the deck. You can flash it slightly if you want...

"The last brother got car sick before he could cross the Hudson River and decided to stay in New York".

Leave the top card on top of the deck. At this point, you have one Ace on bottom of the deck and three Aces on top.

"Seven days passed". Quickly cut the deck seven times as you count.. "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven".

"Blood is thicker than water.. and nothing.. not fame, or money, or .. uh.. great affection, can keep these brothers apart." Spread the deck face up on the table to show that the Aces have re-united themselves in the deck.

A self working card effect that will impress if done quickly. You can crimp the inner edge of the bottom Ace once it's on the bottom of the deck if you want. If you watch your cuts closely, you can cut immediately above the crimp on the seventh cut and the four Aces will now all be reassembled on top of the deck.



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