Topsey Turvey Card Trick

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Topsey Turvey Card Trick

Here is a nice trick using the '10 and 20 Force', explained in another tip. Perform the force as detailed and lead the spectator to the card you want to force. They will believe that they chose the card at random, and you are set to perform.

Ask the spectator, once they have the forced card in hand, to place any loose cards on the table back on top of the deck and then place their selected card on top. Nicely square the deck. Ask the spectator to cut the tabled deck two or three times.

Have the spectator pick up the deck, close their eyes, and think intently of their selected card. As they think of their card, have them turn the deck over three times in their hands. Tell them that the turning of the deck has confused their selected card. Ask them to ribbon spread the deck, faces down, and they will find their selected card as the only face up card in the deck. Since the magic happened in their hands, they will be totally fooled.

Oh.. how did the magic actually happen? Get a duplicate of the force card and place it, reversed, in the deck near the bottom before the trick begins. It helps if you use cards that have a white border, like Bicycle brand, as the reversed card should not be noticed. Everything is self-working, yet quite surprising.



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