Four Ace Reveal

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Four Ace Reveal

Revealing the four Aces has always been the mark of a true card sharp. If you could produce the four Aces out of a mixed deck, then you were good... really good. Here is a simple reveal that you can learn in minutes.

Take any deck, yours or your spectators, and remove the Aces. Hand the Aces to your spectator and tell him/her that they are going to do all the hard work. Shuffle the deck thoroughly, and you can fan the deck to show the spectator that they hold the only four Aces.

With the deck laying on the table, ask the spectator to put one Ace on top of the deck. Ask them to put a second Ace on the bottom of the deck. Now, the tricky part...

Reach over and cut the deck into two fairly even stacks, putting the top half just to the left, (your left) of the bottom half. - Pause -. Make eye contact with the spectator and remind them that everything has been super fair to this point. The pause and eye contact are VERY important to the success of this effect, as it gives the spectator a moment to 'forget' which half came from where.

Now, point at the left half, the former top half, and ask the spectator to put the remaining two Aces into the middle of the deck. Put the right half on top of the left half to make it appear that the Aces are really going into the middle. In reality, the left half had an Ace on top, so you had the spectator put two Aces on top of a third Ace. The right half has an Ace on bottom. So when you put this half on top of the left half, you have reunited ALL the Aces.

The spectator can cut the deck a couple of times if they want, as long as it's a table cut and not a fancy multiple cut. The Aces will remain together, regardless. You are now ready to reveal that the Aces have magically reunited themselves in the deck.



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