Know Your Audience

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Know Your Audience

Getting a real gig can be quite exciting for many magicians. They spend the days between the initial agreement and their performance planning their effects and routining their performance.

Now, how would you feel if you showed up for the performance with several mentalism effects that involved you contacting the 'spirits' to discern a spectators chosen card or some other mental selection, and discovered during or after your performance that many in the audience were fundamental religious participants who were offended by your use of the 'spirits' to conduct your magic?

This is simply a lack of planning. It's a great tip to take the time to ask a few basic questions of the person who hires you regarding the audience. Don't be afraid to ask if they will be in any way offended by mentalism, mind reading, or any attempts at humor that might involve double entendres or adult type effects and language.

It's your responsibility to ask... and it's your feelings that are going to get hurt if you don't do your homework.



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