A Tip to Help Deal With Stage Fright

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A Tip to Help Deal With Stage Fright

Every magician has had to deal with stage fright at one time or another. It's the human in us. Careers have actually been ruined by fears that could not be successfully controlled.

There are many tips and techniques available to help you through your fear. One of my favorite, and one I have used many times, is to mentally and visually 'reduce' the audience by concentrating on only a couple of audience members. Pick out someone on the left, someone in the middle, and someone on the right and direct your speech toward them. Once you've moved from one side of the stage to the other and directed your concentration on these three audience members, you will feel more at ease and not as overwhelmed. You will not feel the stare of quite as many 'faces'.

Remember, direct your performance toward a few and you will feel less stress and more capable to do your very best.



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