Bertram Color Change

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Bertram Color Change

The Bertram Color Change, named after the wonderful Ross Bertram, remains one of the most impressive of all color changes. Some card tricks are impressive, others are baffling, and a few are simply startling in their simplicity. Although the BCC (Bertram Color Change) is not a simple effect to master, it is a simple effect to watch, as it appears that you take a card off the top of the deck, pass your finger in front of it, and it changes to an entirely different card.

Spectators are generally amazed by color changes, as it seems so improbable, and the magic actually happens right in front of their eyes. Without going into great detail, I will tell you that if you can perform a double lift and a tenkai palm, then you can perform the BCC.

I have posted a tutorial video in the Bookmarks section of the Magic. Lifetips homepage. Look in the left navigation bar near the bottom of the page. I think you will want to thank me for pointing you toward this wonderful effect.



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