Double Your Income As A Performer

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Double Your Income As A Performer

Magicians are constantly looking for additional sources of income. Generally, the income received from a performance is never enough. The performer is left in a constant state of need.. needing more money and more performances to pay the bills.

Here's a great tip used by all type of performers worldwide; one that the magic community has been slow to adapt.

It's called BOR, and means 'Back of the Room Sales'. Music acts have done it for 50 years. They set up a table in the back of the room near the exit and sell records, CD's, DVDs, song books, pictures, tee shirts, and whatever else they can make a stream of income from..

Ideally, magicians can sell magic kits, expecially those aimed toward young to teenage kids. If you can personalize the magic kits, so much so the better. They can also sell autographed pictures, individual packet tricks, and magic related books.

Be sure to mentioned your BOR products during your performance, but don't take too much time away from your performance to do so. Be cordial, be friendly, be helpful, and be available after your performance to sign autographs and take pictures.

You may find you make more from a well-thought-out BOR campaign than from the performance itself...



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