X Marks the Spot

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X Marks the Spot

You're going to need two props... an outdated paperback book, and a dried-out felt tip pen. if you don't have an empty one.. you can dry one out by leaving the top off and laying it on the dash board of your car or in a window sill for a couple of days.

Ask your spectator to place the book behind their back and open the book somewhere around the middle. Now, ask them to take the marker and make a large "X" on their selected page.

Once done, have the book closed and layed on a table, and ask them to give you the pen...

Personally, I have a small silver carrying case with a notebook inside that I keep on a small table near me. I open the case and take out a notebook. I also secretly dish the dried-out pen, thanks to the cover provided by the lid of the case, and pick up another one exactly like it from inside.. only this one actually writes.

I write a word on my pad and hand the pad to the spectator. I ask them to open the book and find the page on which they marked their X.

I tell them that I want them to look at the point at which the two lines intersect in the middle of the page and read aloud the word. Of course.. it will match the word I wrote on the pad, since I put the X in the book long before the beginning of the trick...



5/4/2010 8:23:05 PM
David Lynn said:

Rick, this is an excellent and cheap to construct trick. I really enjoy using this one.


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