Misdirection is Your Friend

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How important is misdirection?

Misdirection is Your Friend

All too frequently, perfectly good tricks are destroyed by magicians who refuse to learn the basics of misdirection. Properly used, the knack of misdirection can allow you to make moves you could never make, if the audience wasn't momentarily distracted.



8/26/2007 9:01:09 AM
Max said:

I agree. It is very important to practice until the moves are smooth and seem like second nature. Even a slight slip and destroy the deception and tip your audience off.

10/8/2008 7:25:59 PM
paulotaku said:

again, this is one of the best tips..

I do suggest newbies to learn psychology, it's a great tool for misdirection..

and oh!, if you have a magician friend, go with him if you do a magic and vice versa, misdirecting is going to be waaay better!, (learned from experience, haha)


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