Join A Magic Club or Society

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Join A Magic Club or Society

You can learn magic from many sources, but one of the very best methods is to join a magic club or society. Next to having a personal mentor there is not a better way of gaining knowledge.

National organizations like the International Brotherhood

of Magicians (IBM) and the Society of American Magicians (SAM) have clubs or assemblies in most major cities and a large number of smaller cities as well. Google the two to find out if there is one near you.

Aside from providing the privilege to fellowship with like minded magicians, you can have all your questions answered, learn many new effects, have your performances critiqued, and discover new performance techniques far beyond what you'll find in a book.

Don't worry about your skill level. Do try to master three or four effects to show the club that you have the ability and desire to belong. If you can't find a magic club in your community, consider starting one. Good luck.



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